On the 15th of December 2017 the album “Mekatonia” with Alpaca Ensemble & Eirik Hegdal will be released.

Here follows some information to the album:

The concert: conceptual idea and performance 

Originally, «Mekatonia» was an innovative and breathtaking collaborative outdoor musical theater with Alpaca Ensemble, Cirka Teater and Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, and music by Eirik Hegdal, performed in 2012 at Dokkparken in Trondheim. Dokkparken is a popular and lively part of Trondheim city built upon an old wharf, the TMV shipyard. Inspired by Dokkparkens unique identity, scenographer Gilles Berger and composer Hegdal brought audience into the industrial endavours of the past. Cirka teater developed the structural and functional mechanical installations, bringing the musicians 16 feet into the air, connected to giant cello strings.

Creating a highly visual performance in an urban outdoor scene, with both welding and bolting as musical elements, «Mekatonia» engaged audience of all ages. In 2016, the indoor concert version called «Mekatonia: in concert» was part of the 20th anniversary celebratory concert series Absolutt Alpaca by the Alpaca Ensemble. This recording is a rendered version of «Mekatonia: in concert».

Alpaca Ensemble

Sigrid Elisabeth Stang: violin Marianne Baudouin Lie: cello
Else Bø: piano/celesta/toy piano
Sissel Vera Pettersen: vocal
Eirik Hegdal: soprano-/bass saxophone/ clarinet

Stig Førde Aarskog: clarinet/bass clarinet/ vocal
Ole Jørgen Melhus: trombone
Michael Francis Duch: double bass

Tor Haugerud: drums/percussion/ glückenspiel

Recorded live at Dokkhuset by Tor Breivik, October 29th 2016.
Additional recording at Hagg Studio, September 2017.

Produced and mixed by Eirik Hegdal Mastered by Morten Stendahl
Cover design by Rune Nergaard

Distributed in Norway by Musikkopreatørene (www.musikkoperatorene.com)